About Kelly Walker

Kelly L. Walker paints with zeal and confidence, committing spontaneous reflections of her mood and emotions to canvas. Walker’s abstract paintings demonstrate the techniques, textures, and patterns she employs as a professional decorative painter. Utilizing a wide range of atypical materials, her works are intricately layered and her surfaces defy explanation, calling reference to landscape, graffiti, and color fields.

Walker’s artwork has been featured extensively at venues both in and outside of the Baltimore area, including VOLT Restaurant in Frederick, MD, the Rosenberg Gallery, Silo Point, Gallery 1951 in Los Angeles, and the Delaware Museum of Art.


I am in a perpetual state of exploring and developing the mediums which I employ as a professional decorative painter. My work is organic and uncensored, and I rely solely on intuition and my current emotional state when producing my work. My emotional landscape seems to be cyclical and I have found comfort in channeling these moments, which explains the reason that I produce in such different series. I push mediums past their intended purposes, encouraging them to collide and react on the surface, often creating happy accidents. I utilize a wide range of atypical materials and works are intricately layered and surfaces defy explanation, at times calling reference to landscape, graffiti and vibrant color fields. I work in fits of inspiration as I struggle to find time to create between my personal and professional practice. That tension is used to my advantage as I frequently revisit paintings that have long since been put away. This process of working and reworking a piece delivers change in texture, mood and composition. A true moving meditation, I find quiet and peace in my personal practice. In the end, that conflict I create from generates a calm in its end stage. In the end I want to make the world a more beautiful place, one encounter at a time.

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